Saturday, February 16, 2013

Will Anyone Read it?

I have been itching to start blogging! I always start one and never publish it. It seems like everyone has a blog or vlog these days. And everyone has a passion or point of view they want to share. So why will anyone read my blog? I don't know. No one may ever read it. And that is okay with

32 and Grey

Woke up this morning and did my usual wake up routine. Lay in the bed looking around for a bit, until the need to use the bathroom is great. Went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I caught a glimpse of something in my hair. My head scarf had come off during sleep, and since I am a kinky natural, I assumed it was some type of lint or cat hair that got stuck in my coils. When I went to pull it out, I realized it was stuck to my head. It was a grey hair! After examining some more I found another!

I was just getting used to the 30's. When I turned 30 I had a hard time. I was thinking; now that I am 30 I really have to pay attention to life. Before, whenever I made a mistake, or had a quirky idea, people around me would give it up to the fact that  I was young. I too would think to myself, it's okay I'm learning. Hitting 30 said to me; okay you can't afford to mess up to many more times. No more flying through life all willy nilly. You must think before you act always!

The grey hair says to me; by now you should know something. Because when I look at a person with grey hair that is what I think. That person has been here for a bit, and they have wisdom they've gained through experience. So although I cannot pass for a 20 something year old anymore, I am happy that I do have wisdom to share!